sodmg and who need to stop an quit

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sodmg and who need to stop an quit Empty sodmg and who need to stop an quit

Post  Dre912 on Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:28 pm

his artists suck and that dre offical video suck and i mean my real name is dre and my rap name is lildre but am sayen when he looken for trrue artists call me my num is 9125715685 am jus sayen when i say they suck i mean lil b let me get on him first he called himselp an pretty bitch thats gay if you dont believe me look it up and he cant rap i mean am only 14 an my freestyles better than his songs an plus his whole song he talk about girl suck my dick or sum shit like dat i startin to think okkkkkk is this nigga gay or dont get no head big misstake sod.....ok j-bar is one of the best that song daze was gud listening to i like it hes an better art but souljah boi on that song didnt do gud it was he ok but rappen isnt really the shit for this nigga but he dont suck he can keep pratice an he can be one of the best in sodmg but idt rappen is for him but dat nigga lil b suck am sorry lol....but yall keep doin ya thang an keep ur heads up for clean n respected CnR we cumin ur way soon am jus waiten to get out of skool so i can move to atl kuz i met dis man an got his num when i was in townsend mall so my crew gud but i need to keep worken but i hope one day we can cumin togather as jus keep out for us

LilDre (CLEANnRESPECTED) Like a Star @ heaven lol!


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