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Post  Nupe73 on Thu Jul 22, 2010 10:23 am

In college, they were frat brothers who ran the yard. They had all the girls, dressed the flyest, and were hated on. But now, it was time to conquer the world and both knew they would do it. One of them went on to law school and became a DA. The other one became a D-Boy. They decided to form a partnership and the DA would protect the organization from being prosecuted and the D-Boy would run the streets.
Everything was good. Money was being made, trips taken, they were living the life others dreamed about.
When the DA finds out that his partner is sleeping with his fiance, they become enemies. To make matters worse, a crooked cop snitches on their orgainzation and they find themselves wanted by the law.
What follows is a war between two former brothers who are now enemies. Who will win? Who will lose?
This is the story of "The Pretty Boys".
I have written this script and it is for sale.
If SODMG want to read it, contact me at
Hopefully, we can do some business. When I heard "Pretty Boy Swagg", I had to holla at you.


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